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Our social media platforms are missional communities where people gather to engage each other. Our intention is to go into these communities with the Gospel. This is our Social Media missional world view.

Similar to traditional missionaries who travel to the communities of the world, we do it through cyber space. Click on any of our social media platforms to like, follow, share, and engage for the glory of God.

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Social Media World View

I decided in 2008 that our ministry would exploit the culture’s common grace development of Social Media (SM) because there is an “echo of omnipresence” in SM. I believed that through the “redemptive use of technology” we could take the Gospel to any place in the world that made use of the Internet. That has now happened.

Stunning grace!

This page gives you the communities that we are currently penetrating and/or would like to penetrate more effectively. (Of course, the primary “community” is the website itself–the engine that makes everything else go.)

I would be most encouraged if you did three things for this ministry:

  1. Pray that the Gospel would go forth into these communities for the purpose of drawing them to our site for ongoing care.
  2. Share our content on your SM platform of preference.
  3. If you really like one of the SM platforms that we are on and know how to expand our presence, will you consider helping me increase our follower-ship on that platform? Let me know. I’d love to discuss that possibility. Fill out the form below.

It’s not about the numbers, but it’s about the numbers. The more people we can reach with the Gospel, the more people can be helped by the Gospel.