Chapter Twenty-Six Questions

The Nature of the Church

  1. Did you read the entire chapter?
  2. Make a case for church membership. Why is it important? How would you explain this to a counselee who had a low view of the church? Also, work into your answer the problem of church discipline for non-members.
  3. In what situations would you appeal to a counselee to leave his/her church and attend yours or one similar to yours? When does this become a conscience issue for you and when does it not?
  4. Give your top five things you look for in a church and explain why each one is important. Put them in order of importance.
  5. Talk about the tension between being evangelistic-centered vs. sanctification-centered. The evangelistic-centered local church has more seekers, where the sanctification-centered church has more believers. What are the pluses and minuses of each approach to building a local church?
  6. What do you see to be the biggest weakness in the local church today? What is your concern and what is your solution?
  7. Write out a clear process of church discipline/restoration. Give your steps and your reasons for the steps.