Chapter Three Questions

The Clarity, Necessity, and Sufficiency of the Bible

  1. Did you read the entire chapter?
  2. How would you counsel someone who believed the Bible could not be understood?
  3. Why is the sufficiency of Scripture a big deal in counseling? Answer the question by writing out a case study. (Three paragraphs is sufficient.)
  4. When a person elevates experience over Scripture, how would you respond to them? Use a case study narrative to answer your question, whether true or fictional.
  5. What is the difference between interpretation and application and what are some of the dangers of application of Scripture?
  6. How do you walk someone through a conscience issue the Bible does not support, e.g. “It’s wrong to eat meat sacrificed to idols.” Or more specifically to our culture, “It’s wrong for a person to drink alcohol.”
  7. Why does the Bible not have a chapter on marriage or family, since it’s such a big deal? Why is it a good thing not to have such a chapter(s)? How do you explain this to a counselee who wants texts and verses to help them in their marriage or family?