Chapter Thirty-One Questions

The Return of Christ: When and How?

  1. Did you read the entire chapter?
  2. Why should we long for Christ’s return? Why is it important? Give several answers.
  3. How does eschatology play a role in your counseling? If it hasn’t played a role to date, describe how it should and the advantages of an eschatological world view for biblical counseling.
  4. Choose a counseling issue and then develop a counseling homework assignment around eschatology which will help the person regarding the issue you presented.
  5. Joe is waiting for Christ’s return. He is choosing not to prepare for his future here on earth, knowing Christ can come back at any moment. How would you counsel him?
  6. Jan fears Christ’s second coming. Why do you think this is so? Speculate broadly and comprehensively. How would you counsel her?
  7. Jim regrets his past and is unsure of his future. Develop a counseling plan which will change his past and his future? Make up the issues and the solutions, while using a solid view of eschatology as your framework.