Chapter Thirty-Four Questions

The New Heaven and New Earth

  1. Did you read the entire chapter?
  2. Sally’s father died and went to hell. She comes to you looking for help regarding her future life in heaven without her daddy. Develop a plan, with several homework assignments, to help her find rest in their two different eternal destinations.
  3. You are training counselors. The subject of the future life comes up and one of your students asks you how the future should impact his counseling. He’s looking for practical advice. You give him your top five key truths regarding his question and you give him your top “go-to” homework assignments to help support these ideas. What did you tell him?
  4. Paul told the Corinthians there was coming a time when they would not be guilty anymore (1 Corinthians 1:8-9). Leah does not believe this. She is riddled with guilt from the things she has done in her past, plus the nonsense of her father from when she was a child, and the manipulation of her current husband. How would you counsel Leah?
  5. List five practical ways any person should be thinking about and practicing storing up treasure in heaven. How does this teaching impact your thinking? Also, develop five key truths to give parents so they can teach their children about storing up treasure in heaven vs. living for the here and now.
  6. Leon thinks heaven is a boring place, where we sit around singing Amazing Grace ad infinitum. He’s seventeen years old and loves video gaming. He can’t imagine anything more shocking, provocative, and stimulating than what this world offers. How would you disciple him, hoping to change his mind about heaven?
  7. List five ways you want to change or at least bring more practical clarity and precision to how you think and live in this world while planning for your future life with Jesus and the family of God.