Chapter Thirteen Questions


  1. Did you read the entire chapter?
  2. In your own words explain inherited guilt. Think about this: if you were evangelizing a person and he truly believed he has never sinned, why would that not matter and why is he still guilty before God?
  3. When babies or younger children, who have not made a profession of faith, die, do they go to hell? What is your biblical/technical answer and if there is a difference, what is your pastoral/counselor answer?
  4. Explain degrees of sin and consequences of sin. Use this Case Study: a husband commits adultery and his wife is sinfully angry about what he did. How would you counsel them according to degrees and consequences?
  5. Explain each component of the Ordo Salutis–in the right order.
  6. If you could have coffee with Pelagius today, what would you tell him? What would you want him to know?
  7. Give five strong arguments as to why a counselee should read this chapter. Use Scripture.