Chapter Ten Questions

Angels, Satan, and Demons

  1. Did you read the entire chapter?
  2. What was your perspective on the spirit world before you read this chapter and how has it changed, if it has, after reading this chapter?
  3. How would you answer a person who said, “Satan has been working overtime in my life.” Or, “The Devil is really out to get me.” (They are referring to Lucifer, not the evil demonic world.)
  4. Write a Case Study where you’re unpacking how the Father is using the evil demonic world in a person’s life to bring glory to God. Talk about how you would counsel them; give precaution, offer hope, while being clear about spiritual warfare.
  5. Ralph calls you at 10PM asking you to come over because his wife, Alice, is possessed. They both are Christians. Ralph describes a voice coming out of Alice that is clearly not her voice. She also grabbed a pair of scissors and began to stab her leg. You know both of them very well and this is about as radical as it could possibly be from their normal behavior. How would you counsel Ralph in the moment and what do you think could be going on?
  6. How can good angels be an encouragement to you on a day-to-day basis?
  7. What are some unbiblical ways you have heard people talk about the spirit world? What are your counter-arguments after reading this chapter?