Chapter Six Questions

The Trinity

  1. Did you read the entire chapter?
  2. Jeremy is struggling with assurance of salvation. How is each person of the Trinity involved in his salvation? How would you counsel him from three distinct perspectives, each correlating to each member of the Trinity?
  3. List three of your family members and how each one reflects in some way to a member of the Trinity. (If you don’t have enough people in your immediate family, illustrate by using a fictional father, a mother, and a daughter or son.)
  4. Carol, in your church, is struggling with Paula. She is jealous because Paula gets more attention and has a seemingly more significant role in the church. How would you counsel her, using what you learned in this chapter–specifically the Trinity? Use Scripture.
  5. Talk about the value of community, using the Trinity as your model. Touch on marriage, family, and the local church.
  6. Bill is struggling with depression. How would you counsel him–using each person of the Trinity in your approach? That would be three different approaches–three different storylines.
  7. According to this chapter, how could the “29-points of compatibility” (the boast) be a bad thing? Give several reasons. Focus more on what is right from Grudem than what may be wrong from eHarmony.