Chapter Seventeen Questions

Common Grace

  1. Did you read the entire chapter?
  2. What is the difference between saving grace and common grace?
  3. List a few ways in which this chapter has helped you to think differently about unbelievers–especially your unbelieving neighbors, work friends, or others who are close to you.
  4. Using what you have learned in this chapter, what are some points you would want to make to a lady who hated the government? Your goal is to soften her heart toward unbelievers. (I’m not saying all government officials are unbelievers.)
  5. How would you counsel a lady who knows God and is a good moral person, but she is not a follower? She is not born again. She’s intelligent and kind because of God’s common grace, but she is not regenerated.
  6. How would you counsel a hardcore fundamentalist Christian who believes it is a sin to associate with unbelievers? He takes a separatist view when it comes to light and darkness, believers and unbelievers, and holiness and sin.
  7. Are you thankful for God’s common grace in your life? What specific ways can you change regarding your gratitude for God’s common grace? What are some areas of common grace which don’t commonly cross your radar screen?