Chapter Seven Questions


  1. Did you read the entire chapter?
  2. Explain God’s transcendence and immanence by writing a brief case study narrative–it can be fictional–where you used these ideas to help someone.
  3. Explain why a person would come up with evolution and intertwine your response with how you can’t believe anything without faith. Essentially, why would a person have faith in evolution?
  4. Now, write a case study narrative–it can be fictional–about how and/or why a person has to have faith to lust after a woman. Why does he have to make lust part of his belief system?
  5. Walk me through how you are to enjoy the goodness of God in creation with the teaching of separating from the world. Essentially explain your thoughts on separation from the world and engagement in the world.
  6. Write out a case study narrative using creation as the primary means to help a counselee. You create the problem and the solution, using creation as your point of emphasis.
  7. How has this chapter changed you? Be practical.