Chapter Nine Questions


  1. Did you read the entire chapter?
  2. What is your greatest struggle in prayer and why is it so?
  3. Describe your prayer life with the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. How and why do you pray to them differently? How do you relate to them differently?
  4. List five reasons why making prayer a “homework assignment” is beneficial. Write out a Case Study to make your point. Create a narrative of a person or couple where you asked them to pray. List the five reasons why you wanted this person or couple to pray in the Case Study narrative.
  5. According to James we pray and do not receive because we ask for the wrong reasons. Write a Case Study about a person who said, “I did pray and God did not answer.” How would you respond to the person, using James 4:1-3 as your reasoning.
  6. What does praying in Jesus’ name mean? Do you always add that at the end of your prayer? Why or why not?
  7. Your friend says it’s not God’s will for their child to be permanently injured from an accident. They prayed for God to heal the child. How would you walk them through their understanding of prayer? What immediate and long-term precautions would you be thinking about–hoping to be able to share with them?