Chapter Five Questions

The “Communicable” Attributes of God

  1. Did you read the entire chapter?
  2. Which two attributes stuck out to you and how do you think you can use them in a counseling context?
  3. Explain God’s wrath and God’s love and how they are not inconsistent with each other. Use each in a counseling situation.
  4. What is one instance in your life where you doubted or struggled with God’s wisdom due to personal challenges? How did you work through this?
  5. How do you juxtapose and reconcile living in a world of unsaved sinners? When do you separate from unsaved sinners–God is holy? When do you pursue unsaved sinners–God is love?
  6. A counselee says you cannot know God’s will. Explain why you can. Explain why you can’t. Why do you think he/she said that?
  7. Margaret is 15 years old and does not like the way she looks. How would you counsel her using only what you have learned from this chapter?
  8. In what way is omnipresence “communicable”? Name at least two ways and explain.