Chapter Fifteen Questions

The Atonement

  1. Did you read the entire chapter?
  2. Why was the atonement necessary? Use as many Scriptures as you can think of and/or find. Use theological terms and explain them so a fifth-grader can understand them.
  3. Write a Case Study for a person who struggles with the assurance of salvation. Use the atonement as your exclusive answer.
  4. Talk about the “love” and “justice” of God and how they are important regarding the atonement. Work into your talk the problem with “love” without justice and “justice” without love.
  5. Write a Case Study about a person who punishes his/her spouse after they have authentically forgiven the spouse. What’s the problem with post-forgiveness punishment? What’s the solution? What could be going on in the heart of the unforgiving person? Work all of this into the Case Study narrative.
  6. Walk a true Christian through the wrong-headed thinking of, “My life is bad. God is angry and/or displeased with me.”
  7. What long-term, historical sin issue do you have–it keeps recurring. And how would a better understanding of the atonement help you to change? What do you need to do to change? I’m asking, (1) What is the problem? (2) Apply the atonement. (3) Write out your plan. Be specific and practical.