Chapter Eleven Questions

The Creation of Man

  1. Did you read the entire chapter?
  2. What is the difference between “worth” and “self-worth” and how is the former supposed to be thought about as good and the latter as bad?
  3. How would you counsel a man who finds his purpose in life through his job? What is a correct biblical view of work-vocation-job?
  4. Write a Case Study of how you use the image of God to counsel a person who treats others sinfully. Bring biblical solutions, biblical labels, and use a lot of Scripture.
  5. Connect “image of God” to modeling and talk about the positives of good modeling and the negatives of poor modeling. Stick within the framework of the home, marriage, and family.
  6. Are you a Trichotomist or Dichotomist? Make a case for your view and now it relates to counseling.
  7. Write a Case Study about repentance (putting off) of specific sins of the body and specific sins of the soul–immaterial self.