Chapter Eighteen Questions


  1. Did you read the entire chapter?
  2. What is the ordo salutis? Why is it important? Are there any points in the ordo in which you struggle? If so, why so?
  3. How can the ordo be helpful in counseling? Make a point for each one of the points of the ordo without replicating counseling problems. For example, “A person struggling with fear would be blessed to hear about election. The reason is because _____________________________________” “A person struggling with ___________ would be blessed to hear about the gospel call. The reason is because _______________________________________________________.
  4. What is the relationship between God’s choice to elect and man’s choice to choose? Do you struggle with this? If so, in what way?
  5. How does the doctrine of election motivate you to be more evangelistic?
  6. How would you counsel a lady who believes she married the wrong person and struggles with guilt? I’m thinking of the section about God’s revealed will and His secret will. You’ll also have to deal with her guilt.
  7. What is the doctrine of reprobation? What do you think about it? How would you explain it to an unbeliever–communicating the truth of it, but also making sure God’s character is not impugned?