Chapter Eight Questions

God’s Providence

  1. Did you read the entire chapter?
  2. How can the teaching of preservation encourage and motivate a person in their walk with God?
  3. Write a case study narrative using the idea of primary and secondary causes. I want you to bring clarity to what the person is doing (secondary cause) and what God is up to behind the scenes (primary cause). The story of Joseph (Genesis) is an illustration of this.
  4. Explain the problem with fatalism–God is behind the scenes working, therefore I have no choice. This is a person who opts out of personal responsibility (secondary cause). Make this different from what you said in #2 above.
  5. A friend told you that he was “lucky” because of the Bose Radio he won. Because he is a friend, you took some time to explain to him why there is no such thing as luck. What did you tell him?
  6. Your counselee is in a funk. You encouraged him through solid teaching on God’s providence and his personal responsibility to do what God has already planned. Write out how you explained it to him. (Key: Look under The Importance of Human Action, point 4.)
  7. How has this chapter changed you? Be practical.