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Case Study: Procrastination

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Mable is 43 years old. She married Biff 21 years ago. She says she is in a good marriage. They get along well. Mable and Biff have been Christians for 35 years. He is an executive for a local accounting firm.

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Mable has been working as a trainer for an insurance company. Both Mable and Biff are successful, making over $250K per year collectively. They have been members of their church for 13 years and are active in various ministries.

But Mable says her devotional life has become dull and boring for the past few years. She describes herself as self-confident, persistent, hardworking, calm, serious, easy going, good natured, extrovert, enjoyable, and sensitive to the feelings of others.

For years Mable has struggled with procrastination. There are certain things she does with ease, and people consider her to be successful. But there are other things that Mable just can’t seem to come to grips with as far as completing the tasks. She puts them off until the last minute and sometimes she will let them pile up, which creates tension in her soul and marriage.

Biff is not sure how to help her, so she comes to you.

Case Study Questions

  1. Where would you begin with Mable?
  2. What questions would you have for Biff?
  3. Why is she a success in certain areas of her life, but a “seeming failure” in other ways?
  4. What do you think are the ruling motives of her heart?
  5. What else do you want to know about her?

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