Praying the Bible for Your Baby

Praying the Bible for Your Baby by Heather Harpham Kopp is a slim volume that promises to help frazzled mothers pray biblically for their babies (and themselves). Each short chapter/prayer is themed with a particular thought or struggle or joy associated with motherhood. I have been reading the prayers slowly over the course of several months and have been blessed by their simple sincerity. They remind me where my hope lies, and it’s not in myself.

I enjoyed Kopp’s occasional, gentle sense of humor, as well as the heartfelt devotion that infuses every prayer. Occasionally I thought verses were pulled a little out of their context to fit the theme of the prayer, but I wouldn’t use this for a serious study of Scripture anyways and I don’t think any of the slightly questionable usages were actual problems.

This book was given to me by a sweet friend rejoicing with us at the news of our baby. For her note in the front alone, I’ll treasure it. I plan to keep it on the table next to the glider in the nursery, where I can pick it up during feedings and be reminded, oh, of so many things… that I’m not alone in the many emotions and experiences of motherhood, that every thought can be turned to a prayer, and that God knows my son and heart and circumstances so intimately — and He cares.  )

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