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Your Health

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Book Cover - Your HealthYour Health – A Practical Plan According to the Gospel – (22,000 words) “Your Health” is not what you think, or not what most people think. Typically, the pursuit of better health begins and ends with a diet. The person’s goal centers on losing weight, fitting into a pair of jeans, or impressing someone.

Your Health is not about that. My aim for you with this book is to think holistically about your health. I want to motivate you to take care of your body from the inside out.

That is why I talk about practical ways to overcome temptation (introduction) and the blessing of good habits (chapter one). I then walk you through how to capture renegade thoughts that seek to take control of your mind.

Good health is more than eating the right food, in the correct quantities, at the perfect hour of the day. What and how you eat matters. But how you think about lifestyle choices and the habits that control you are just as important.

In chapters 3-9, I walk you through a few practical matters like eating, smoking, and sleeping. This section will equip you to think well about any healthy lifestyle choice you want to address because the principles I teach you in those chapters apply to every area of your life.

Chapter seven on how the sin of others affects your health is something you want to read carefully. Good health happens in a community that loves, encourages, and speaks redemptively into your life. Your community will supplement a healthy lifestyle, or they will complicate your health.

And no book on health or better living is complete without talking about prayer. Health is just as much a spiritual endeavor as it is a physical one.

My hope is that this book will change you physically and spiritually. If it does not, whatever physical changes that do happen, will not last because your health begins in your heart.