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The Talk – Leading Your Child To the Rest of His Life

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Book Cover_ The Talk Sex Talk – Leading Your Child To the Rest of His Life – (18,000 words) –This book is not just for a series of one-and-done meetings with your child to walk him or her through the sex talk. It will help you walk your child through the sex talk. It is practical that way. You can use the content of this book immediately when that crucial time comes. But the best use of this book is for the parents of a toddler. The “sex talk” begins in the early months of a child’s life, specifically with how the parents live out biblical sexuality in the home.

Your goal is to do more than export words to your child. You are uniquely positioned to give your child a worldview, a lifestyle, an example of what biblical sex looks like in the home, the church, and the world. This is a parenting book on one of the most confusing and complicated areas in a child’s life. What you’re about to read can transform you, your marriage, and your child. It is one of those rare Gospel perspectives about a complicated subject. Be prepared to be changed. Get prepared to lead your child into the rest of his life.

Note to reader: There are several chapters in this book that talk about one gender or the other. This was intentional so I would not have to say him/her throughout the text. Be free to make practical application to your child, regardless of gender.

Chapters 1-5 are foundational. They are essential, as you lay a foundation for building relationships and interacting within those relationships. Sexuality and the sex talk are not disconnected from a relationship, which is why this book does not begin with the talk.

Chapters 6-8 walk through the talk. With a relational foundation in place, you are now ready to walk your child through the sex talk. The final three chapters of this book will practically guide you through this process.