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Suffering Well – How to Steward God’s Most Feared Blessing


Suffering WellHow to Steward God’s Most Feared Blessing – On April 8, 1988, it all went wrong. I would soon call that day the “beginning of woes.” I walked into my home shortly past 5 o’clock, after a full day at work, and noticed the missing piano in our living room. I immediately knew what had happened. My wife of nine years decided she had enough: it was time to leave. A simple note left on the kitchen table. It read, “You’re right; we can’t go on like this. I’ll call you later.”

Rick Thomas invites his readers to enter into a place for “mature audiences” only, to listen as he recounts the darkest time in his life and how, through his journey of intense suffering, he was led to spend four years in the Book of Job.

What he discovered was that the book wasn’t really about Job (the most famous sufferer of all time) – but about God, and in particular – about learning to trust God in all our circumstances. This book is especially rich with biblical references to support his conclusions on why we are “called” to suffer.


Consistent with his biblical counseling background, Rick gives the reader specific calls to action at the end of each chapter, making it not only an engaging read but practical as well. The book can be used for personal devotions, used in a small group setting or given away as a gift – it will bless the giver and the receiver! – Nancy Hohmann, Enid, Oklahoma