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Loving Me – The Hidden Agenda of Self-Esteem

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Book Cover_ Loving meLoving Me – The Hidden Agenda of Self-Esteem – (9,700 words) Thinking more about yourself is not the path to freedom. The self-esteem agenda demands that you turn your thoughts onto yourself. The Bible has a counter-intuitive message: The more God thoughts you have, the freer you will be.

Self-esteem is not like that. It’s a call to admire yourself, which is one of the most damaging concepts propagated in our culture. Many Christians are blinded by this unbiblical teaching, which they believe is the answer for people with problems, particularly those who struggle with guilt, shame, fear, or insecurity.

In this book, I will debunk the self-esteem agenda while giving you clear solutions with a practical plan to be free from mind captivating thoughts of yourself.