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Local Church – Love It, Leave It, Change It

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Book Cover - Local Church(1)Local Church – Love It, Leave It, Change It (30,000 words) –  What do you think about your local church? Do you love it? Great! Maybe you want to leave it? That is an option. Have you thought about changing it? Perhaps you have thought about that but are not sure how.

Let me suggest before you do anything else, read this book. I cover a lot of bases and answer a ton of questions. I will challenge you about why you attend your church. I also spend some time assessing the leadership of your church. And some chapters will challenge you too.

The goals of this book are straightforward. Here are my top three:

  1. I hope to spread the fame of God through this work.
  2. I hope to encourage and guide church leadership.
  3. I hope to envision and equip the body of Christ.

As far as a community is concerned, the local church is the dearest place on earth. It’s our preaching center and sanctification hospital. It’s the place where the followers of Christ gather to worship our Leader and build up each other.

There is nothing like it in our fallen world. May the LORD use this book to help you make your local church a better community for His glory and your benefit.