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Identity Crisis by Mark Grant

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BK Mark Grant Identity Crisis Identity Crisis – Finding Your Functional Identity in Christ Alone (7,600 words) – “Many of the people we counsel live inside a black hole of self-will, misery, and confusion. They need God to break in on their shadowland from which sin has erased the light of the personal and living God” – David Powlison

Do you know you are writing a story? Your response to every season, every stage in life, and every trial pens a new chapter in the story of you. For those in Christ, the plot twist to your story is the spiritual awakening experienced by grace; no longer following the course of this world, but becoming alive with Christ. Regeneration changes your identity and potential.

However, your new identity often becomes confused from the strain of living life in a fallen world with an indwelling fleshly nature. You identity morphs into an unhelpful mixture of Christian and worldly components. Self-reliance enters bringing useless and sinful counterfeit solutions.

Returning to one’s new in-Christ identity is a pivotal theme in Biblical counseling. Paul’s letter to the church in Ephesus is a great example; the rules for Christian living only come after Paul poetically lays out our new citizenship. This purpose of this book is to help demonstrate the practical importance your functional identity plays in a Christian’s life.

  • Chapter 1 connects your functional identity to your worship.
  • Chapter 2 shows how your functional identity can hinder renewed minds.
  • Chapter 3 explains how living a redemptive life is only possible with an in-Christ identity.
  • Chapter 4 tells how embracing your real identity can help you preserve in a difficult situation.

I pray this resource helps you remember your life is part of God’s big story and encourages you to live out each day as a restored image bearer.

Mark Grant