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Complete Marriage – A Coequal Hierarchy

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Book Cover_ Complete Marriage01Complete Marriage – A coequal hierarchy – (22,000 words) Everybody has dual roles. I’m a son, brother, husband, father, business owner, church member, and Christian. Multiple roles with different responsibilities permit me to express more of God through my life.

The marriage is a unique relationship where God must be expressed more profoundly within the covenant, the family, and the community. Marriage is also a beautiful picture of Christ and His church, but that picture was marred by sin. This is why an “all (roles) on deck” mentality is essential.

To fix what is broken and spread the beauty of a repaired marriage requires you to maximize your God-given roles. The smart and humble couple knows this, which is why they encourage and help each other to be all God intended them to be within the marriage.

A wife submits to her husband and she disciples him as her brother because of her coequal hierarchy. A husband disciples his wife while humbly receiving care from his sister in Christ. This is an amazing thing.

In this book, Brandi and I take on some of the most challenging aspects of this coequal hierarchy. We talk about the one-flesh marriage the way Paul taught it from Ephesians. We discuss the orientation of the home, entering into the secret thoughts of your wife, what sex is like for a woman, and the doormat wife.

And there is more.

You will be challenged at every turn. My prayer is that God will meet you at those points with the favor that provides new thoughts or reminders of old things. My hope is that this book will give you the practical guidance that will transform your marriage, plus a manual that will assist you as you help others.

If you want to discuss any of these ideas, please meet me in my cyber home. I’m always there and never too busy to serve you. The address is RickThomas.Net

Enjoy the adventure!