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Boasting In Weakness

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BK CO Boasting in Weakness Boasting In Weakness: Overcoming Self-Reliance, Perfection, and Superiority (19,000 words) – The situational difficulties you face are the contexts that reveal your heart, which is how your faith and obedience are purified. These relational and situational challenges are also your opportunities to follow Jesus in the Christian’s call to suffer.

Paul said when he was weak, then he was strong. The weakness that suffering brought to his life is how he became so strong.

And that is where I’m going to take you in this book: strength through weakness. Suffering is the vehicle that will teach you how to “boast in your weaknesses” as you welcome God-guided suffering into your life.

Do you want to be strong? Of course, you do. Well, it can come to you but not the way your culture teaches you to be strong. This book is about other-worldly advice that can transform you and your relationships.

Get ready to “boast in your weaknesses,” so the power of God manifests in you.