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Case Study: You Need to Please God

Case Study_ You Need to Please God
Mable struggles with the fear of man. She is a people-pleaser, or what some call codependent. Her “functional theology” is more about performing for others than resting in Christ. She is exhausted and ready for your help because her life has fallen apart. She is a believer, but a sad one.

She met with her biblical counselor who accurately assessed that her primary issue was fear of man. The counselor started imploring her to think more about God’s opinion of her than other people’s, and that she should seek to please the Lord more than others.

This news was refreshing to Mable. She was tired of being controlled by others. Based on her counselor’s advice, she started reading two books, set aside time each day to journal, and ratcheted up her prayer life.

With hope and expectation, Mable began her new life with God. Within two weeks she was frustrated and fearful. Her frustration was because she could not balance her life with these new spiritual disciplines. She was fearful because she felt as though God was displeased with her because she couldn’t manage it all.

Case Study Questions

  1. Where did the counselor go wrong?
  2. If you were counseling Mable, how would you approach her problem?
  3. What does the counselor’s advice to Mable reveal about the counselor’s theology and practice?
  4. What five assignments would you give her to help her overcome the fear of others? Make three assignments short-term and the other two long-term.

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