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Ep. 23 I Recently Had the Sex Talk with My Son

RMlogo I recently had the sex talk with my son

Shows Main Idea – A few weeks ago I had the privilege of taking my son to the beach for four days to have the sex talk with him. One of my members (and Mastermind student) asked me if I would share some of the details about that trip. This podcast is about that.

Show Notes

Podcast Warning: If you are a parent, you may want to listen to this podcast before you let your children listen to it.

I will be publishing a free book in July called, The Talk – Teaching your child about sex, culture, and adulthood.

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Passport to PurityWe use the Passport to Purity curriculum from Family Life.

We rented a car.

We had a friend provide a beach house.

We set aside four days that was mixed with a lot of fun and deep talks

  • Beach
  • Flee market
  • Golf car riding
  • Helicopter trip
  • Bingo
  • Any food he wanted
  • Heated pool
  • Purity throwing star
  • Jungle Book movie (Two jumbo size butter popcorn)
  • Playing a giant chess match in a park

The talk

  1. Cussing: Wise parents teach their children how to curse
  2. Multi-part sex talk
  3. Projects
  4. Followup


  1. There is a cultural, generational gap between you and your child: Read, Why it’s “okay” to be gay, and why you need to know that.
  2. Incrementally introducing your children to the world
  3. The sex talk begins when a child is a toddler
  4. Modify your talk to your child (Gospel application: God customizes His care)
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