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Ep. 421 Ten Steps Leading to Toxic Christian Femininity

Ep. 421 Ten Steps Leading to Toxic Christian Femininity

Shows Main Idea – Everyone knows about toxic masculinity, and there are just as many opinions to defend it as there are that denounce it. Have you ever thought about toxic femininity? Is it possible for a woman to be toxic? How do they become that way, and what is a path forward? The reasons they fall into the trap are real and the dangers are tempting, but there is hope to become un-caught from this blinding sin of Christian, toxic femininity.

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Why am I producing this resource, knowing the toxic community will react harshly to it? The hope is God will transform a few hearts and instruct a few helpers.

  1. They have experienced legitimate hurt from a person or entity.
  2. The disappointment from legitimate harm lingers in their souls.
  3. Some friends commiserate with them, cementing the pain.
  4. Unabated disappointment turns to anger, bitterness, and cynicism.
  5. They connect with like-minded folks, creating an echo chamber culture.
  6. Their hurt forms the lens through how they filter and interpret things.
  7. Reacting to their presupposition, they sound off on others angrily.
  8. Any pushback about their reactions incites them, a weaponized victim.
  9. They become righteous martyrs because others critique them.
  10. They’re in a hermetically sealed toxic culture perpetuating toxicity.

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Addressing Toxicity

  1. Admit the hurt.
  2. Realize God uses sin sinlessly.
  3. There is no justification for sin.
  4. Resist being part of the victim culture.
  5. God’s grace is more significant than any offense.
  6. Listen to how you respond to others, e.g., on social media (disinhibition effect).
  7. Seek help from someone who won’t commiserate.

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