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Ep. 352 Update about Rick’s COVID Journey, Healing, and Future Plans

Ep. 352 Update about Rick's COVID Journey, Healing, and Future Plans

Shows Main Idea – On August 8, Rick began experiencing what he would learn later to be COVID symptoms. Two weeks later, the doctors affirmed COVID, and he has been on bedrest and doctor’s care since that time. Rick is out of quarantine, is not contagious, and is on the road to recovery. In this podcast, Rick walks through what happened, his experience with the flu, and where he is currently.

Show Notes

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Warning: The mission of this ministry is to provide life-changing resources that equip Christians to help others. What we do not do is offer medical advice. If you are experiencing adverse symptoms, we strongly urge you to seek a healthcare provider you trust. Our ministry scope is to provide biblical advice according to our understanding and practice of the Bible. We do not provide medical advice, e.g., taking the vaccine (or not) falls outside our purpose and scope.

Contracting COVID

Each COVID journey is different. It is a unique journey, as all sicknesses are. If you’re feeling adverse symptoms, do not assume you know what it is. Find medical help immediately. Please do not read my symptoms and think you’re free and clear. At least four out of five of our family members had COVID—the best we understand. But each situation was different—from mild to severe.

  • Laredo: August 4-8
  • Feeling “different” Sunday evening: August 8
  • By Monday, August 9, the symptoms were full-force.
  • I spent two weeks in bed.
  • Bed by 5 p.m. Up at 10 a.m. Nap from 10:15 to 2 or 3. Prepared for bed at 5 p.m.

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COVID Symptoms

  • Lethargic was the most significant thing—wiped out.
  • Apathy was huge.
  • Procrastination: I had goals for each day but put them off.
  • Dry mouth, perhaps because of keeping the air circulating
  • Headaches
  • Head spinning for four days
  • Those darn hiccups for five days in a row
  • No appetite
  • No desire to hydrate
  • No fever
  • Hot or cold, though temp stayed between 95 to 98
  • Cough for a few days
  • Sore throat
  • I did maintain a sense of smell, though mine is not that great.
  • I did have an altered sense of taste.
  • Insomnia due to sleeping all the time; my schedule was whacked.

To Vax or Not

  • Prior to COVID, I chose no vax. Continue to hold that position. You may read my perspective on that here.
  • Each person’s health is different.
  • I offer no medical advice.

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Current Health and Future Update

  • Three weeks later: I work 1/4 to 1/2 days.
  • I mostly rest and hydrate.
  • The plan is to stay on a moderate schedule through September and into October.
  • We did cancel our Trenton, MI, conference. The other conferences are a “go,” though we have changed some dates. You may stay current by subscribing to our weekly e-blast. If you’d like for me to speak to your group, please ask here.

I do want to thank our world-class team who kept things going the month of August. They showed me how dispensible I am, plus how our ministry can continue into the next generations after the Lord takes me home. I could not be more encouraged to know this ministry can function well without my oversight.

I would love for you to partner with us so we can continue to reach our current culture with the practical message of Christ, but we may continue to position ourselves to reach future ones too.

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