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Ep. 349 Overview of How We Help Local Churches, Practically Speaking

Ep. 349 Overview of How We Help Local Churches, Practically Speaking

Shows Main Idea – We’re nearing the end of thity-five out of forty days on the road, mainly in the midwest. In this episode, Rick shares highlights and interesting perceptions from traveling, speaking, and engaging with the body of Christ in the midwest. You will find much encouragement from these interactions.

Show Notes

Some of the talks I gave were requested (Empathy & Sympathy and Transgenderism). During all the meetings, there was a question and answer time, which is my standard request whenever I teach. Please contact any of these leaders to gain their feedback about our time with them, especially if you want me to come and speak to your group.

  1. Julie Ganschow – Kansas City, MO: Interview about Abuse
  2. Dave Forbes, donor, fundraising discussions
    1. We have ten team member positions we need to fill to help us keep up with the glorious demand on us daily. Those roles are Executive Director, Administrator, Fundraiser, Booking/speaking Specialist, Mastermind Supervisor, Graphic Designer, Video Production, Podcast Production, Social Media Specialist, and Marketing Director.
    2. I learned a story about Dave from his NHL Hockey days, and he graciously permitted me to interview him.
  3. Grace Bible Church, Hillrose, CO, Friday-Sunday meetings
  4. Red Feathers, CO: prep for the Longmont, CO meetings
  5. FaithPoint Church, Longmont, CO, Friday-Sunday meetings
  6. Dave Forbes, donor, fundraising discussions
  7. TruLife Ministries, Thursday-Friday meetings
  8. Dearing, KS, Sunday meeting
  9. Delaware Bible Church, Delaware, OH, Friday-Sunday meetings
  10. Grace Community Church, Laredo, TX, Friday-Sunday meetings

On the way back home, we came through Alabama, the southern route, and we asked one of our Mastermind Students if she would connect with us. Cece Tillman was two hours north of where we were, but she kindly drove down as we were going through. We met a Starbucks for an hour. I asked her if I could interview her about her Mastermind experience. I have spoken to her dozens of times via Zoom but never met in person. Here is the video where she talks about her Mastermind experience.

Interesting Perceptions

  1. The older generation is interested in the trans issue.
  2. Blue states and red states are different.
  3. Some good churches continue to stand for God’s Word.
  4. Lots of diverse questions.
  5. I did a podcast on accommodating trans people in the church’s children’s ministry, a question that was asked of me.

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