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Ep. 347 How to Respond When the Church Accommodates Trans People

Ep. 347 How to Respond When the Church Accommodates Trans People

Show Main Idea: During our twenty-seven-day speaking tour in Colorado, one of the more typical questions folks asked me was about the trans issue. Part of the reason for the concerns is that I did speak on transgenderism during the FaithPoint conference. During our Monument, Colorado, meeting, someone asked how to respond when the church wants to accommodate a trans kid in children’s ministry. Here is how I responded.

Show Notes

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The ministry leader’s specific question was how to respond when the church accommodates trans people who want to use the restroom of their choosing, e.g., a boy pretending to be a girl wants to use the girl’s restroom.

  1. What is the end game?
    1. What will you do when this one kid turns into twenty-five trans people in ten years?
  2. What is your definition of a pastor?
    1. Does your pastor shepherd the flock primarily, or is his job mostly about “shepherding” those who do not know the Lord?
  3. What if you change the name of the pastor to shepherd?
    1. A shepherd cares for the sheep, not the wolves. What if a shepherd asked the sheep to accommodate a wolf in their midst? See Psalm 23:5: “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.”
  4. Who do you want to shepherd you?
    1. What about your family—should the Lord take you to heaven?
    2. Who do you want to care for your family after you leave?
  5. What is the plan when a boy pretending to be a girl enters the girls’ restroom and molests or rapes a girl?
    1. Have you considered the burden the church could be placing on a raped child?
    2. Have you considered the legal action against the church for creating a situation where folks can molest or rape children?
  6. How are you guarding your heart and tongue through this time?
    1. How are you helping those who come to you with their concerns?
    2. Are you part of the ongoing issues or are you a reconciler?

Call to Action

  1. Will you watch my webinar on transgenderism?
  2. Perhaps you need to make some radical decisions, which was my final point at the end of the trans webinar; you may need to divide with your family, leave your church, make a geographical move, or find another job.
  3. Take time to read/listen to the embedded resources in these Show Notes.
  4. Have Rick speak to your group, either on-site or through Zoom.

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