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Ep. 33 Rick and Lucia Talking about Lust in Their Marriage

Shows Main Idea – Supporting Member question: How did your wife get to a point where she knew you struggle with lust temptation and did not freak out about it, even to helping to be another set of eyes at the beach?

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Show Notes

My husband thinks I’m hot but that does not kill my insecurity. I’ve tried killing it by asking a million times if he thinks I look good. What’s the difference between me and the women he’s been with or even just looking at? We all look nice. I feel like a Skittle in a bag. They all taste good, have a nice color, just different.

What makes a wife different from all the other women a guy has had sex with or a lust filled thought? Why would I matter if he can find any attractive body just about anywhere? Sometimes men leave their wives for someone else and it’s like nothing ever even mattered.

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Key ideas

It is a process that does not happen quickly.

It takes communication, either with your husband or a close friend.

It is active participation with the Lord, which means you have to learn how to trust the Lord:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Understanding
  3. Application
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