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Ep. 32 Mark Grant’s Experience through Our Training Program

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Shows Main Idea – I sat down with Mark Grant to talk about his experience as he went through our two-year training program. He talked about the program, what God did to him, and what life has been like afterward.

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Show Notes

You can learn about our training by going to long distance, self-paced Mastermind Program. If you’re interested in counseling, you can find our counseling page at this link. Learn how to search our site here.

Chris O’Donnell Shares Her Experience

How is the Lord helping me to grow and progress through the Mastermind Program? Let me count the ways!

It has mainly addressed the sin and the issues in my heart for sure. When I’ve had conflicts, I am now learning to look at myself first and the log in my eye. That’s been life changing for me and it gives me a better perspective on my own issues, keeping me from becoming self-righteous.

I’ve become more theologically precise in my thinking. Although I still struggle with understanding certain doctrines, for instance, I don’t know if I’m Reformed or Arminian, I do think I’m better equipped at understanding and knowing different views and biblical teachings.

My training has also helped me in my marriage and with my children. I’ve brought into our home much of what I’m learning here. For example, I walk out repentance now with my family instead of just saying I’m sorry. It’s been tough but effective!

I’ve been helping disciple women for years but now have more training and knowledge to better help them with their struggles.

And lastly, I’ve been writing a blog! Through Rick’s encouragement, I’ve been writing on various topics so I can bring loving, biblical care to others. This has helped to solidify what I’m learning. It’s been exciting for me so far and I want to do more (I really do love it) but it takes me a long time to write just 1 blog – like 20+ hours. I don’t why, it’s just how my mind works and I can’t rush it for some reason. – Chris O’Donnell, she blogs at To Speak Life

Tweets to share

  • Our training is not to make you a counselor but to make you a better Christian.
  • The gospel is for your salvation and your sanctification.
  • The Bible is the best reference manual to describe the condition of man.
  • There is a sweetness in relationships when they are transparent and honest.
  • Biblical counseling does not guarantee your problems will be resolved.
  • God is more dangerous than we care for Him to be.
  • Without a servant’s heart, you’ll not be able to do ministry well.
  • The gospel is an other-focused worldview and lifestyle.
  • Going through RickThomasNet training is one of my best accomplishments. – Mark Grant
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