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Ep. 319 A Key to a Husband’s Leadership Is Awareness of Those Following

Ep. 319 A Key to a Husband's Leadership Is Awareness of Those Following

Shows Main Idea – A husband cannot lead well without understanding his wife. How would he know how to lead her if he did not know her or take the time to understand her? Who would want to follow someone who did not care what you thought about them or where you were leading them? Leaders are always looking in two directions: where they are going while considering those who are following.

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Show Notes

Part One – Sarasota Marriage Conference

First 16 minutes of the podcast

  • Thursday-Sunday
  • Children drove down
  • Six speaking times
  • One question and answer
  • Comments: Life-Changing, Notetaking, Different from Any Other, Laughter
  • Don’t use notes for pneumatological reasons
  • I gave them more than 400 slides
  • Will develop this conference and January’s into webinars
  • I have completed one already (It is Episode 318—one hour)

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Part Two – To Lead Well, the Husband Must Look In Two Directions

Starts at the 16-minute mark of the podcast

  • During Q&A, a question was about my leadership and Lucia’s submission.
  • Lucia talked about her humble submission.
  • I added that leadership requires the man to look both ways, not just forging ahead without caring for his wife.
  • You’re always aware of those who are following you, caring for them, talking with them.
  • E.g., Parents do this with their children as they grow older, in part because you want them to grow in their leadership skills.
  • E.g., we train children in the way they should go, not, not the way we want them to go. You discern the child and then lead them along.
  • E.g., the government leading us but paying attention to our desires, wishes, and expectations. When they do this well, it makes submitting to them a less complex matter.
  • E.g., in counseling, the counselor is leading the counselee, but he can only do this well by understanding the counselee, what the person needs, where they should go, etc. It would be wildly inconsiderate not to take the time to understand a counselee but start leading them in the way you want to go.

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