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Ep. 318 Webinar: 17 Quick and Dirty Relationship Tips

Quick and Dirty Tips for Building a Relationship01

Shows Main Idea – The best relationships are the messiest ones. At first glance, it sounds odd, right? How can good friendships be dirty? Because we’re fallen, broken people, and to live well with others requires getting into the muckiness of each other’s lives. If you’re interested in going beyond the superficial with others, read on. I have seventeen helpful tips that can transform your relationships. Let’s start here: “It is so hard to make friends at our church.” Rick has built a powerful, sharable webinar for you and your friends. You may listen to the audio version only or watch the full webinar!

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You may listen to the audio-only of this webinar by clicking the play button from the podcast above, or you may watch and listen to the full webinar by clicking the video below.

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