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Ep. 31 Uncensored Podcast On a Theology of Suffering

RMlogo Ep. 31 Uncensored Podcast on a theology of suffering

Shows Main Idea – This past April I did a podcast with the Glory Books Ministry, Ep. 12 on a theology of suffering. They aired that show in April. However, what you did not hear were some of the bloopers and pneumatic moments that were not part of the podcast. This podcast is the unedited version.

Show Notes

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Texts Rick used in the podcast

The surprise of suffering for a Christian

If God would write suffering into His Son’s life why would He not write it into our life as well?  – Rick Thomas

  • Disappointment with God
  • The importance of crying

We are called to suffer

  • Suffering is our calling
  • Suffering is a promise
  • Suffering must be understood
  • Suffering must be worked out

When does suffering in marriage become abuse?

  • Any kind of wrong is suffering
  • Abuse is one kind of suffering
  • Consequentially, physical abuse is worse
  • Abuse, harshness, unkindness, and manipulation are a few examples of suffering

Should the church be involved when abuse happens

  • The church should be involved in all our lives
  • Ideally, the church should be compassionately and competently intrusive
  • Sanctification should happen in community

How do you respond to the abused?

  • Compassion for the abused
  • Understand the abused
  • Offering hope to the abused
  • Practically help the abused
  • Protect the abused from being hurt again
  • Enlist the body of Christ to help her

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Quick Questions

  1. If you had 90 seconds what would you tell the audience?
  2. Name your three most favorite books in the Bible.
  3. Name three authors who most influenced you.
  4. Name three Bible studies tools you can’t live without.
  5. Name something you wish you’d learned earlier.
  6. Name one person other than Jesus you’d like to talk to.
  7. Name your three favorite foods.
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