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Ep. 309 Could I Start a Ministry in a Church with a Different Vision?

Ep. 309 Could I Start a Ministry In a Church With a Different Vision_

Shows Main Idea – When you have a burden for a ministry in your church that is at odds with your church’s leadership’s vision for that local body, how should you proceed? Perhaps you see “doing church” differently, but your leaders do not hold your perspectives. They are humble and want to support you, but there is a conflict of vision. How should you proceed? When should you stay or leave? Is it possible to have a personal ministry in a church that does not see things the same way as you do?

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Thank you for the article, How Do I Begin a Counseling Ministry at My Church? If the pastor has no vision or lacks understanding for the ministry nor is clear of his congregation’s needs or the community, should I start one? The pastor understands counseling and has offered for me to do what I think is best and has offered financial and church support but had no vision! I pray for God’s direction as I am not clear after the responses, which made my spirit pause. Based on your experience in counseling ministry development and start-up, do you believe this ministry is ready? —Mable

There are several parts to this question. I will interact with a few of them in this episode.

  1. If the stated question is accurate, it would be unwise to start a ministry under these conditions.
    1. You can’t have two visions.
    2. It will divide the church.
    3. You can have a ministry inside the church, but you want to be cautious with how you carry your burden.
  2. There is a subjective implication that the pastor has no vision. More than likely, what you have is a conflict of visions. I doubt the pastor does not have a vision because all pastors have one. But his vision is not your vision, and this is where you want to tread carefully.
    1. Are you able to submit and follow his vision for the church?
    2. Are you able to advocate for his vision?
    3. I’m not saying you have to suppress your uniqueness, gifting, or burden, but you want to guard against creating two visions in one body.
  3. An unsettled spirit is a clue not to move forward, at least not in as big a way as trying to start a counseling church ministry.
    1. When in doubt, don’t is wise advice per Romans 14:23.
    2. Rather than thinking big by making something happen, “let the game come to you.” Start ministry where you are and go from there.
  4. If you follow what I outlined in the article you referenced, you could not start a counseling ministry in your church for all the reasons I mentioned in that piece.
  5. Your best recommendation is to care for those the Lord has put on your heart, build a few friends around you for your care and accountability, and see where it goes.

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