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Ep. 303 A Clinical Psychologist Becomes a Biblical Counselor

Ep. 303 A Clinical Psychologist Becomes a Biblical Counselor

Shows Main Idea – Rick Thomas talks to Dr. Jenn Chen about her experience as a secular psychologist, why she became a certified biblical counselor, and the superiority of biblical counseling. Jenn’s journey is a beautiful encouragement for anyone who struggles with the sufficiency of Scripture. She has been on both sides of the soul-care fence and is a strong advocate for the Bible’s sufficiency.

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Jenn earned her M.A.B.C. at The Master’s University (T.M.U.) and is also A.C.B.C. certified. She currently serves as a biblical counselor at Lighthouse Community Church in Torrance, CA. She has taught as an adjunct professor for the online Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Counseling at T.M.U. Jenn was licensed as a clinical psychologist in 2002, after obtaining her Psy.D in Clinical Psychology and an M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy. Jenn is deeply grateful for how biblical counseling has transformed her faith, life, and counsel. She has been married to her husband Peter since 1996, and they cherish their son Garret.

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