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Ep. 301 Explanation of Our Three-Phase Mastermind Training

Ep. 301 Explanation of Our Three-Phase Mastermind Training

Shows Main Idea – We have changed our Mastermind Program to three phases of training so any student will have a better training experience that adapts to who God has made them to be, how to best use their unique gifts, and to discover how the Lord can deploy the student most effectively in His world. This episode is a question and answer session with Rick and some of his current Mastermind students in the program.

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Three Phase Training

In this episode, I explain the three phrases. I talk about the purposes of each one and how a student will benefit from this multi-phase process. Here is a glimpse of what Rick talks about in the podcast.

  1. Phase One: A potential student works through 3 of the 48 blocks of the training without committing to the entire Mastermind Course. This approach permits them to see what the training is about by doing the program but not purchasing the whole course or committing to a two to three-year course. This phase gives them a “try before you buy” opportunity. We call this Mastermind Introduction.
  2. Phase Two: After the student completes the first three course assignments, they decide if they are “in faith” to proceed into the rest of the training. If they do commit, they would enroll and begin their self-paced journey. We call this Mastermind 1.0.
  3. Phase Three: Upon completing the program, we help the student discern the best way to continue their ongoing training. Because the Christian is always learning how to make disciples, we want to encourage them in a suitable process that may include us or another organization, school, or within their local church. If the student continues training with us, this would be Mastermind 2.0.

If you’re interested in our Mastermind training, please check out the links on this page, and make sure you go through our short Informational Course that explains how we do it.

Mastermind Training

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