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Ep. 285 Fighting the Culture War for the Sake of Our Children

Ep. 285 Fighting the Culture War for the Sake of Our Children

Shows Main Idea – When your child begins to embrace a worldview from the culture, there are a few things you want to assess as you talk to your child. There is a full-on culture war as they are trying to persuade, intimidate, censor, and influence the public to their worldview. It’s no longer acceptable for conservatives to sit on the sidelines because the war is real.

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Show Notes

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No Negative Waves

“You really think we can turn this back?” —Tammy

  • It’s not about whether we can turn it back or not but about standing for the truth.
    • The Lord is the only one who knows if it will turn back.
    • Our job is to stand for truth.

A Continuation

This episode is a continuation of the last episode where I talked about the culture’s influence on our teens, using transgenderism as an example.

FYI: LinkedIn’s “Safety and Trust Team” removed Episode 284. They said it was hate speech.

  • This incident is not the first time a platform removed our content.
  • There is nothing in that article that is hateful.

Social media continues to censor our content, which is why we have invested heavily in our website—something we own rather than building on platforms that can censor us.

Gender Dysphoria

When the culture comes knocking on your teenager’s door, what are some things you need to know? In this episode’s illustration, I’m talking about gender dysphoria; what would you say to your teen?

  • Don’t “get thrown” by the big word.
    • It sounds sciency.
    • We disqualify ourselves; it’s the worst thing you can do.
  • Always ask them what it means because they probably don’t know or they have a different definition than you do.
  • Dysphoria means disappointment, discontent, or dissatisfaction with something.
    • Once you bring it into a biblical framework, it will make sense to you.
  • It’s an internal awkwardness, shame, guilt, discontentment, or being emotionally uncomfortable.

Best Time to Give Your Child a Phone

What Can You Do?

  • If your child says they are in the wrong body, do not overreact.
    • Passive – One extreme is to self-censor yourself because you don’t understand.
    • Aggressive – The other extreme is choosing anger, where the child disqualifies you.
  • A few more ideas
    • Who is influencing your child?
    • Watch the Social Dilemma.
    • What is influencing your child, i.e., a mobile phone?
    • How has your home environment contributed to a child desiring to isolate?
      • Describe the relationship with the child’s parents, specifically the dad as it relates to him imitating God the Father (Ephesians 5:1).
        • Are there some things that need to change in their relationship?

  • Don’t look at how the child can change alone, but examine your lives, marriage, and home, too.
  • What specific ways can you encourage your child in their biological identity?
    • Have you made fun of them in any way?
      • Criticized
      • Mocked
      • Condemned
      • Rejected

Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear (Ephesians 4:29).

Devaluing Image Bearers

Call to Action

  1. What specific ways are you educating yourself about the culture war?
  2. How are you speaking against this liberal assault on our Christian values?
  3. Are you tempted to grumble or fear when you think about the deterioration of our country? If so, who are you talking to for help?
  4. How much is it of a struggle to speak out? Are you more tempted to censor yourself or stand for truth?
  5. Are you standing for truth in a loving though clear and direct way?
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