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Ep 276 Ten Sequential and Vital Steps When Correcting Someone

Ep. 276 Ten Sequential and Vital Steps When Correcting Someone

Shows Main Idea – When it comes to correcting others, we are all over the map. We can do it harshly. We may choose to do it behind their backs. Others decide to cave to their insecurities, daring not to bring up the tough conversation. Perhaps you shouldn’t, but you must understand and practice the sequential steps for correcting others if you do correct someone.

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The Steps

  1. Start in your “closet,” asking the Lord to give you a divine perspective.
  2. Address your motives: is it redemptive or punitive?
  3. Ask the Lord to give you divine affection for the person you’re going to correct.
  4. Address your frustrations that you have with the person: you put Christ on the cross; there is no place for self-righteous corrections.
  5. Remember that you’re fallible; only imperfect people can correct flawed people. Proceed with caution.
  6. Remember that you’re working with incomplete information.
  7. Do not cave to fear of others.
  8. Ask the other person how your correction “felt” to them. Perhaps you were harsh.
  9. Give them a plan for change. Don’t “hit and run” with your corrections.
  10. Follow up the next day to see how you can continue to serve them.
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