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Ep. 273 A Few Thoughts about My History with Jay Adams

Ep. 273 A Few Thoughts about My History with Jay Adams

Shows Main Idea – Jay Adams is the father of the biblical counseling movement. Every person who does biblical counseling today owes a debt of gratitude to Jay. He was the person the Lord chose to raise the flag of discipleship practices in the modern church. I had a few interactions with him, which I share in this episode and some thoughts about his memorial service that Lucia and I attended.

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Hi Lucia and Rick,

Mike and I just saw the video of Rick at Jay Adams Memorial service. What an honor to be in attendance for such a God-honoring remembrance of Jay Adams’ life and ministry. Mike and I began our NANC journey in 1993(?) when Randy Patten brought On-the-Road-Training to Houston.

Without question, our favorite and most sobering sessions through the years were the times spent with Jay Adams. Those question and answer sessions were always eye-opening. Today was such a small but descriptive representation of his life and work.

The scope of his influence has extended far beyond himself. And that is one small reason we are so thankful for you and your ministry. We appreciate your dedication to the truth of the Word and how it applies to the root of every aspect of our concerns, problems, and lives. Those are some tall shoulders to stand on.

Because of Him,
Kim, with Mike

  1. I first heard of Jay from Kevin Ryan
  2. I looked him up at Harrison Bridge Road
    1. Didn’t preach, just talked
    2. Felt Led
    3. Spoke briefly
  3. Read Competent to Counsel
    1. Different from fundamentalists
    2. We yell louder to fix folks
  4. Went to TMU
  5. Met Jay at Broncos Restaurant
    1. Rejected my offer to supervise me
  6. Met Jay in St. Louis
    1. Chatted briefly
  7. The Two Sides of Jay Adams
    1. Luther in the pulpit
    2. Gramps in the living room
  8. Some miss the point
    1. We NANC people
    2. Not Jay’s fault
    3. If you’re not a gentle person in the counseling office, it’s on you.
  9. Discern the difference between roles: pulpit and counseling
    1. Football coach
    2. Football coach, husband, father, and grandfather
  10. I went to the memorial service
    1. It was fabulous.
    2. A reminder of the treasure
    3. The exaltation of Christ
  11. Get his books
  12. If you want training from us, learn more here
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