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Ep. 260 Personal Testimony: How to Trust the Author of Your Story

Ep. 260 Personal Testimony_ How to Trust the Author of Your Story

Shows Main Idea – In September 2020, Triangle Community Church in Apex, North Carolina, asked Rick to share his testimony, including his pre-salvation childhood and upbringing, regeneration, subsequent divorce, and the aftermath, which led to what he does today. Rick will be leading a men’s retreat for TCC, and the leadership wanted to introduce him to their church. This video/podcast is that testimony.

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Due to COVID, TCC asked Rick to video the Sunday morning message (testimony) to show it on Thursday evening (streaming audience) before Sunday morning. The following Sunday, Rick gave a live presentation of the testimony. This episode is the recorded message for the Thursday evening streaming audience.

If you want Rick to speak to your group, please ask here. Rick also has five podcasts at this link, where he presents his life story. If you have any questions about this episode or would like to speak about a different matter, you can ask those questions on our free community forum.

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