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Ep. 256 Joyce Saddi from Lebanon Interviews Rick Thomas

Ep. 256 Joyce Saddi from Lebanon Interviews Rick Thomas

Shows Main Idea – On August 4, 2020, there was a horrific explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. The details are not clear as of this podcast, but the effects are, as thousands of Lebanese citizens are suffering. Joyce Saddi, a Christian from Lebanon, reached out to Rick Thomas, asking for help as she comes alongside many of her Christian friends. She interviews Rick about trauma, parenting, being a friend, and how to walk children through the nightmare, and other aspects for sharing the practical gospel of Christ during this trying time.

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Joyce is a biblical counselor who is currently living in the United Kingdom, as her husband is working on his Ph.D. Their plan is to return to their homeland to continue serving the community with the practical message of Christ. You may find Joyce on her website, here:

If you would like to interview Rick about a vital subject to you and your ministry, please contact us here.

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