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Ep. 253 Am I the Only ACBC Continuationist Fellow?

Ep. 253 Am I the Only Continuationist Fellow_

Shows Main Idea – Are you a Trinitarian? Do you believe the Holy Spirit is part of the Godhead? What is your doctrine of the Spirit? How does the Spirit of God actively and practically operate in your life? Do you believe He has ceased in His involvement in your life? The two categories for this are cessationist and continuationist. I’m an ACBC Fellow and a continuationist.

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Show Notes

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Mastermind Training

  1. What is a Fellow?
    1. Learn more about Rick.
    2. Have Rick speak to your group.
  2. The process of becoming a Fellow?
  3. The theological exam?
  4. I’m a Trinitarian.
  5. It may help you to think of a cessationist and continuationist standing to the left and right, respectively, of a center point. You draw a circle around both of them, as they stand side-by-side in the center. What you will find are many good men and women on both sides. As you move farther to either extreme, is where you get into trouble, but near the center are differing views on secondary matters.
  6. Many gifts of the Spirit? (I don’t take the view of “when that which is perfect has come” to be the Word of God. Thus, the gifts have ceased.)
    1. Gift #1: Salvation
    2. Gift #2: Repentance
    3. Gift #463: Healing
      1. When you’re sick, you ask God to heal because He can.
      2. You may call for the elders of the church to anoint you with oil and pray for healing.
  7. Gift #464: Word from the Lord
    1. Baptists say, “God laid something on my heart.”
  8. Gift #465: Speaking in tongues
    1. What it does not mean.
    2. What it could mean.
  9. The ACBC dinner after receiving my Fellowship
  10. What Lance Quinn told me.
  11. Counseling is prayer and prophecy.
  12. Who gets the glory!
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