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Ep. 252 The Miraculous Twists and Turns That Led to This Ministry

Ep. 252 The Miraculous Twists and Turns That Led to This Ministry

Shows Main Idea – An amazing thing can happen when you stop grumbling and complaining. At least, that is what happened to me. How many of you have experienced surprising grace and ministry advancement after you repented of a specific sin? Did you know that this ministry began that way? Listen to the miraculous twists and turns that led to this ministry.

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Rick started working for BMW Manufacturing in 1995. His burden was to help people, but he found himself on a production line with two Bible degrees. Rather than thanking God for His provision, he was discontented, which led to grumbling and complaining about what he was doing.

The Lord convicted him of his sin, and he repented. The next day, he found a Bible study in the plant, and within a week, he was leading it. The Lord led him to his current church, and they hired him as the part-time counseling director. He finished his MABC with The Master’s University and left BMW in 2000 to enter full-time ministry. Listen to the podcast, as Rick takes you on the twists and turns of this miraculous story.

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