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Ep. 246 Rick Answers More of Your Facebook Questions

Show’s Main Idea – Should I confess my hidden sin to my pastor? What does it mean for God to perfect you in your weakness? We’re starting small groups and wondered your thoughts on bringing kids from the world into our meetings with the church kids? Should parents be there?

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Please suggest the best homeschool curriculum for teaching the Bible to ages 5-8, not a computer program. Just the Bible, not other topics. Many thanks. –Virginia

Good day, sir. I read an article on “telling someone your hidden sin.” I was thinking of telling my pastor my hidden sin, which is a sin against my former church. I am new in the church. Letting him into my hidden sin will make me uncomfortable in the church. I need help. –Chris

I would like to have a discussion regarding your articles. –Scott

Today I was pondering, what does it really mean, in a practical way, for God’s strength to be made perfect in our weakness? How do I apply this truth to my weakness? How do I allow God’s strength to be perfected in my weakness? –Amy

Is there a list of Nouthetic counselors available to counsel in SC? –Leslie

Do you work with people who have signs of Alzheimer’s? It would be nice to visit with you. I enjoy your emails but have not read them for a while. –Jenny

We are getting small groups together with teens. There are many unchurched participating. We have churched teens with serious issues (sin issues) in play. Questions: is segregating the teens from parents a good idea? (There is an adult present and leading in each small group.) Some kids in the groups do not yet know or embrace the gospel. Do you have any recommendations on how to lay something like this out? Are the groups best tailored for Christian kids? We need some help! – im

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