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Ep. 185 My Daughter Interviews Me about Racism

RMlogo My daughter interviews me about racism

Shows Main Idea – When my daughter was 14-years old, she had a school project about the Civil Rights Movement in the United States during the 1960s. Since I lived during this traumatic time in American history, she asked to interview me.

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Show Notes

The way we “stumbled into” this conversation began during one of our many “family chat nights” while sitting around our kitchen bar, She asked,

Hey dad, did you study about the Civil Rights Movement when you were in school?

To which I responded,

No baby, I lived during that time. There was no history on the Civil Rights Movement. We were making the history that you are reading about today.

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Timeline of Rick’s Life

It was a moment of clarity, to which she was excited about because she needed to interview an “old person.” Thus, I was the perfect candidate.

So we sat before the mics, and she interviewed me on race, racism, and the Civil Rights Movement during the 60s.

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