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Ep. 166 Six Key Ideas When Starting a Counseling Ministry

Shows Main Idea – Starting a counseling ministry is a rewarding process. Knowing how to do it is critical. In this podcast, I share with you six key ideas to answer as you prepare to counsel others. This list is not exhaustive. If you would like to talk more about starting a ministry, reach out to me here.

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Podcast Outline

  1. It must be a top-down, leadership-driven desire to serve the body.
  2. Guard against becoming a two-tier system where you have the false idea of those who can and those who cannot counsel (Romans 15:14).
  3. Identify and equip those who are gifted to do formal and informal counseling.
  4. Have small group leaders and other friends sit in on counseling situations.
  5. Do regular counselor training events on basics and topics. Hold a “case study” counseling class.
  6. Prepare for the community and other churches to come to you.

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